About Walter Galvao

Broker and Team Lead

Walter Galvao is a licensed Real Estate Broker. The primary goal for Walter is to compile the clients' goals and objectives for their portfolio and to stay on course. Dealing with clients' with various budgets from small to large luxury properties allows him to assist his client's with his vast experience. He's been appointed as the KW Commercial Leadership Council for Canada and is the Director for KW Commercial in Ontario. Walter works with a wide variety of clients who are looking for commercial transactions that entail land sales for development whether its for commercial or residential development opportunities. He also does sales for office, medical and hospitality operations. Walter works closely with municipalities to keep informed of up to date changes to by-laws and zoning to insure that the impact of any transaction is performed with a thorough due diligence. At the beginning of any introduction a needs analysis is performed in order to assess the clients' goals and objectives and then match those with opportunities that are available in the market place.